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Christine Riordan

An Introduction to Extraordinary

Embracing your inherent “extraordinary” nature can be difficult. If it wasn’t, there would be no conversations around the questioning of confidence and esteem, and there would be no short supply of brazen and bold individuals who are fearless and ready to do something that’s outside of the realm of ordinary. The act of embracing “extraordinary,” […]

sports 2

4 leadership lessons we can learn from sports

I recently watched a high school state track and field championship. At the beginning of the evening, the excitement among the athletes was palpable. Each athlete and team had such determination and grit — but, of course, not all of them were going to win their races or the meet. At the end of the […]

Social contract

For great teamwork, start with a social contract

To turn groups of employees into great teams, a powerful first step is to form a social contract — an explicit agreement that lays out the ground rules for team members’ behaviors. A contract can cover territory such as how members will work together, make decisions, communicate, share information, and support each other. Social contracts […]