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An Introduction to Confidence by Dr. Christine Riordan

The Crux of Confidence

Courage, passion, ethics, and resilience are inarguably components of confidence. While some are born with these comprising attributes, many others need the direction and encouragement of our teachers, our parents and our friends, who instill confidence. Improvisational comedy functions on a theory called “Yes, and,” where members of a troupe build off of one another […]

An Introduction to Integrity by Dr. Christine Riordan

A Vote For Integrity

Integrity is yet another attribute of extraordinary individuals. Integrity-abiding individuals prove they can be trusted because their inner values never waver, demonstrating that they’re exemplary because of their unshakable ethics and honesty. Some go above and beyond to display their commitment to integrity, even when it’s contrary to their own self-interest. For instance, Andy Roddick, […]

Christine Riordan, TEDTalk, Resilience

The Brilliance of Resilience

Want a challenge in steadfastness? Try being resilient. Naysayers may have frequently told you that the odds are against you or that your plans will never come to fruition. They’ve likely told you to play it safe and to steer clear of certain risk. However, extraordinary people understand how to ignore these voices and how […]